Nissi Motors specializes in all Porsche service, repair and maintenance. In order for your Porsche to perform at its optimal levels, it is very important to keep the long-term health of your Porsche with regular schedule maintenance. More importantly, the safety of you and your passengers comes first; therefore, our ASE-certified technicians use specified tools and instruments along with detailed technical literature and OEM genuine Porsche parts that will keep your Porsche.

Maintenance Summary

The Condition Based Service (CBS) system will determine the requirement for performance of the maintenance services described on this and the following page. These services may be required either individually or in conjunction with other maintenance services.

Please review our list of general services offered at Nissi Motors for your Porsche:

Standard operations Maintenance work:

  • Brief diagnostic test
  • Verify Check Control messages.
  • Check indicator and warning lights.
  • Reset CBS display.
  • Inspect tires, adjust tire pressures and reset Tire Pressure Monitor.

Engine oil Maintenance work:

  • Change the engine oil and oil filter.
  • After every 3rd engine oil change: Intake air cleaner: replace air filter element (reduce replacement interval in dusty operating conditions).
  • Parking brake: Check function and pre-burnish.
  • Microfilter (not shown in CBS) Maintenance work:
  • Replace ventilation microfilter.

Front brake Maintenance work:

  • Replace brake pads, clean brake pad contact points in calipers.
  • Brake discs: Check surface and thickness, if necessary replace at extra charge.

Rear brake Maintenance work:

  • Replace brake pads, clean brake pad contact points in calipers.
  • Brake discs: Check surface and thickness, if necessary replace at extra charge.
  • Parking brake: Check condition, brake lining thickness and function, if necessary replace at extra charge.

Vehicle Check Maintenance work:

  • Check operation of horn, headlight flasher and hazard warning flashers.
  • Check instrument and control lighting and heater/air-conditioning blower.
  • Check lighting system: turn signals, back-up, license plate, interior (incl. map, reading lights), glovebox, flashlight, luggage area lights.
  • Safety belts: Check condition and function.
  • Check windshield wiper and washer jet positions.
  • Body: Check for corrosion (except cavities).
  • Tires: Check tread depth, wear pattern, outer condition, inflation pressure. If necessary, correct pressure.
  • Reset Tire Pressure Monitor.
  • Battery: Check state of charge (magic eye) and charge if required.
  • Power steering reservoir: Check fluid level.
  • Visually inspect all SRS airbag units for torn covers, obvious damage or attachment of stickers.
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Coolant: Check fluid level and concentration.
  • Windshield washer and intensive cleaning system: Check protection level, fluid level, top if necessary.
  • Brake system connections and lines: Check for leaks, damage and correct positioning.
  • Underbody, incl. all visible parts (i.e. transmission, rear axle, fuel lines, exhaust system): Check for damage, leaks and corrosion.
  • Steering components: Check for clearance, leaks, damage and wear.
  • Final Inspection: Road test with check of:

– Brakes, including burnishing of parking brake pads

– Steering

– Shock absorbers (visual)

– Transmission

Brake fluid Maintenance work:

  • Replace brake fluid.

Automatic Transmission Maintenance work:

  • Replace ATF at intervals of 100,000 miles..

Download our Porsche Service Maintenance PDF form
You can print the form beforehand and bring it to Nissi Motors so that we’ll know what is your requested service ahead of time.